Victoria Park Residents Group Litter Pick Sunday 3rd July

Hi there,

This is to let group members know that I am organising litter pick on Sunday 3rd July. We’re meeting at the letter box on Battle Street (as that seems to be a nice easy focal point) at 11am.

I have ordered litter picking kits off Reading Council; bags, grabbers, gloves etc will be provided – you just need bring yourself, appropriately attired – and a sense of fun.

Depending on numbers etc my proposal is that we divvy up into pairs and pick 2/3 streets for each team off the map. Assuming the weather holds, this should be a nice gentle 90 minutes or so. There’s no measurable target – just pick up the litter we can in the time we have.

Once we’re done, I think a celebratory pint/softie in the Nags Head for anybody who’d be interested is in order.

If you’d be up for taking part, please email me at so I can add you to the volunteer list. Hope to see you there!

Quinten (Charles Street)
VPGC Trustee & Secretary.


  1. It was good to see you at the litter pick this morning. I hope to see you more often.

    1. Hi Garrett, thank you so much for your help. We couldn’t have done it without you. Hope to see you at the next one.

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