Next community litter pick Sun 24th Sept 2023

Next VPCG Community Litter Pick

Dates: Sunday 24th September 2023
VPCG litter pickYou just need bring yourself, appropriately attired – and a sense of fun. Families welcome.
Assuming the weather holds, this should be a nice gentle 90 minutes.
There’s no measurable target – just pick up the litter we can in the time we have and feel a sense of achievement.
There’ll be a bit of admin on the day (everything has a health & safety checklist to go through nowadays!) but otherwise it’s a simple exercise – just grab the litter in public areas and bag it up.
Don’t do anything silly and if you come across nasties (needles, poo etc) or bulky items then the message is simple – don’t touch it! (needles will reported direct to the Council for specialist collection and bulk items will also be dealt with by their team)
We’ll be going for some refreshments/chat afterwards as well. Please email if you would like to attend.
Look forward to seeing you!
Quinten, VPCG Trustee & Secretary

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